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Special Communications Department


To set the standard in convergence of facility, technology, mission and people in Enterprise Solutions.  UTS-SCD aims to deliver custom designed IT centric facility fit-out solutions that offer speed, scalability and resiliency that exceed the requirements of the warfighters and their mission.  The result is a powerful investment for UTS-SCD clients and a distinctive strategy for UTS-SCD partners to stay ahead of the curve.


Consulting  •  Design  •  Engineering  •  Execution

Networking Hardware & Telecommunications Equipment

Local, Wide & Storage Area Networks

Cloud Computing & Platform Virtualization

Networking Operating Systems


Software Defined Networks

Wireless Network Solutions

Structured & Outside Plant Cabling Systems

FAA Certified AWOS Reporting Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

PAST PERFORMANCE Q3 2017 to Q2 2018



The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWC-AD) Special Communications Missions Solutions (SCMS) was commissioned and funded by the 480 ISR Wing to execute Communications Systems Fit-out of the Beale AFB MILCON and renovation of OSAN AFB. NAVAIR SCMS’ goal is to establish highly secure, resilient networks for DoD-wide warfighters. NAVAIR SCMS contracted University Technical Services (UTS) to execute the design, engineering, installation, configuration and activation of state-of-the-art secure DoD networks for these sites.


The Beale FY14 MILCON 1391 was approved and construction contract awarded to build out the space required for next generation ISR weapons system and operations. This facility provides functional space to co-locate AF DCGS mission crews and support personnel, along with mission systems, that provide information to meet real-time and near-real-time, high operations tempo, in-garrison mission demands. The facility will include space for workstations, associated racks and communications equipment. Its design permits flexible reconfiguration to accommodate crew size variations based on number, duration, and frequency of world-wide ISR sorties derived from programmed AF ISR sensors and detailed in the AF DCGS Master Plan. The facility will provide for permanent installation of systems allowing exploitation of multiple ground sensor platforms and associated control systems.

Services Performed:


• Comm Switch design, integration, configuration, testing and installation for the independent switches with TIA-942 hierarchy for multiple IP based networks

• Computers/Monitors design, benchmark testing, integration, configuration, testing and installation for the Multi-level virtual computers for next generation ISR

• IP Based Peripherals engineering and design approved IP based phones/printers/scanners and configure for operational usage

• Overall engineering and support of Outside Plant Cabling for the final TIA-942 architecture and implementation within the data center.  Provide interconnectivity design for all IP systems from the Point of Presence (POP) to the MDA/HDA/ZDA

• Engineering, design, integration, installation, testing and turnover of the AV system for the Beale MILCON and all supporting components to include the AV interface fiber architecture and cabling required for transmission of the AV signals throughout the Beale MILCON

• Installation of demountable walls and furniture for new office and operations spaces

• Provide Construction Surveillance Technicians to manage the renovation of the Operations Floor at Osan AFB




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